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Kigema is one of europe’s leaders in copper alloy centrifugal casting

About us

Kigema is one of europe’s leaders

in copper alloy centrifugal casting

We are a team of engineers, technicians and top-class experts. Our assets include a well-organised production site and full mastery of the technology and processes. We maintain quality assurance systems, such as iso 9001: 2009, iso 18001-2004 and iso 14001-2005. Kigema is a certified supplier for many multinational groups from the power generation, marine construction and transport sectors.

Our qualifications and operating philosophy result in reliable products and the capacity to deliver even the most complex projects that comply with our customers’ strict requirements.

Kigema owns Hohenlimburger Handelsgesellschaft mbH and Heinrich Brinkman GmbH.


Centrifugal casting of bushes, rings and sleeves

Diameters range 80-2400 mm
Minimum wall thickness 10 mm
Maximum lenght 1000 mm

Quality assurance

KIGEMA tests the mechanical properties of our products and analyses their chemical composition using emission spectrometry. KIGEMA conducts penetration and ultrasonic tests and issues certificates of conformity with EN 10204-2.2, 2.3, 3.1B

Induction furnaces, modern casting equipment and mechanical processing machinery are used in the production process at Kigema. Our machine depot and technology ensure that the casts have excellent mechanical properties. Quality control confirms that our products are casting defect-free.

Technology and alloys used

KIGEMA applies centrifugal casting to produce bushes, rings and sleeves using all copper and aluminium alloys covered by global, European (German DIN EN 1982:1998-12) and Polish casting standards, and using special alloys too

Materials used include bronze, aluminium bronze, lead bronze, special bronze, brass and aluminium alloys.

Cu Al
Cu Sn
Cu Zn
Cu Mn
Cu Pb

The materials we use ensure:

  • High mechanical properties
  • Low friction coefficient
  • High fretting resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to biological contamination
  • High sea-water resistance
  • High oxidation resistance
  • Non-magnetic properties
  • No sparking
  • High electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Thermal expansion coefficient close to that of stainless steel


Sleeves and plain bearings

Technology and alloys used

Kigema manufactures and regenerates used cast-steel and cast-iron sleeves. The company has a long track-record of manufacturing sleeve bodies made of brass and bronze.

Cu Zn

Bearing alloys typically demonstrate the following properties:

  • Small thermal expansion within
  • the working temperature range of the bearing
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Small friction coefficient
  • Capacity to absorb foreign bodies
  • and adapt to the surface of the journal
  • Resistance to acids present in some greases
  • Average corrosion resistance

The above properties may be achieved by using a particular alloy composition. These are typically tin alloys, tin and lead alloys, tinless alloys on lead backing, tin bronzes, lead bronzes, aluminium alloys. Their exact composition is specified by standards. The most important bearing alloys include:

Tin and lead alloys

containing approx. 5–20% tin, 60–85% lead, 5–17% antimony and up to 3% nickel , arsenic and cadmium admixture . The polish standard specifies ł16 (pbsn16sb16cu2), ł10as (pbsn10sb14cu3as) and ł6 (pbsn6sb6). These alloys are less expensive than tin, but have inferior strength and thermal parameters. They are used for less loaded and less critical bearings.

Tin alloys

Containing 80–90% tin, 4–13% antimony and 3–6% copper. The alloy structure comprises a hard backing formed by needle-shaped cusn crystals, with soft occlusions of snsb alloy. Polish standard pn-82/h-87111 specifies two alloys of the type, namely ł89 (snsb8cu3) and ł83 (snsb11cu6). Tin bearing alloys are used for large diesel engine bearings.

Quality assurance takes the form of ultrasonic tests according to iso 4386-1 and penetration tests as per iso 4386-3.



Kigema manufactures various types of springs in many versions..

Spring types:

  • Compression springs
  • Extension springs
  • Sleeve springs
  • Arm springs

Finish types include

  • Polishing
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Honing
  • Galvanizing
  • Powder painting
  • Scragging

Application sectors

Springs manufactured by kigema are used e.G. In the automotive sector, by industrial machinery, agricultural machinery and furniture manufacturers.

Application sectors

Power engineering
Conventional power generation

Kigema boasts a long history of collaboration with power plant equipment manufacturers and conventional power generation plants using hard coal or lignite as fuel. Swift response and operational excellence combined with the quality of our products make kigema the supplier of choice for the manufacturers of turbines and other equipment items, and also for power plant maintenance.

Power engineering
Wind energy

Kigema has extensive experience and broad expertise in the production of rings for wind turbine bearings. We have been working with global leaders in the bearing production business, supplying rings for roller and plain bearings for turbines of up to 10 mw in output.

Power engineering

Alloys and products manufactured by kigema perform superbly in hydropower plant turbines.

Oil&gas, marine and shipbuilding

Perfect mastery of the casting process using copper alloys, mainly with nickel, aluminium, iron and manganese, is the foundation of kigema’s range of products for these industries and renders the company a reliable partner for shipyards, oil&gas companies and oil platforms. These alloys offer high resistance to corrosion caused by sea water. Our offer also includes high-quality and high-precision rings, bushings, rods, discs, flange rings and fittings.

Railway and machine engineering

Kigema works with producers of large-size machinery, such as hydraulic presses, mining equipment, pumps, locomotives, as well as train and locomotive maintenance providers. We supply rings, discs and sleeve made of bearing alloys, as well as other components according to customer documentation.


The properties of copper alloy, in particular low friction coefficient, resistance to corrosion, parameter stability at high temperatures, and no sparking, make it suitable for the aerospace industry. Kigema is a reliable partner for aircraft maintenance and repair providers.

Mechanical processing

Kigema has the expertise and machine depot

to perform machine processing of casts.

The company offers the following three types of processing:

Quality and certificates

Kigema holds certificates testifying to the quality and stability of our processes in all our operating areas. The company holds the quality management, environmental management, and occupational health & safety system certificates. In addition, we are a qualified supplier for many multinational groups from a number of industrial sectors.


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